UltraCase Polypropylene

UltraCase Polypropylene

UltraCase PP – New Polypropylene Cases

In addition to our UltraCases made of ABS plastics, we now make the 7 most popular sizes from polypropylene, too. The reason we are making the PP cases, is that they are cheaper and have a better finish. They are in addition to the ABS, and can be offered for 20% less than our current ABS line. This allows us to also compete for the regular business that other manufacturers of PP cases have.

Applications are endless for our most versatile member of the UK case family. The briefcase style design of the UltraCase series makes it suitable carrying just about anything while the Polypropylene construction ensures the contents are absolutely secure.

90 percent of the time the UltraCase will be your go to container when searching for a custom case solution. Our 7 sizes can be configured using a combination of materials, custom foam, panel frames and colors.


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613 UltraCase PP
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416 UltraCase PP
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716 UltraCase PP
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916 UltraCase PP
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518 UltraCase PP
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718 UltraCase PP
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821 UltraCase PP
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