About us

We are the branch of the US manufacturer Underwater Kinetics, which is based in San Diego Country, USA and which was founded by Alan Uke more than four decades ago. Today, both companies together employ more than 200 people and deliver products, which are manufactured in the USA, to more than 60 countries.


30 years ago, when divers demanded a hand-held torch, we were the company that invented it and thus

revolutionized the market of portable dive lights. When decades later divers asked for a handy lighting for photo and video recordings, we developed a completely new, unique dive and video light - the Aqualite Pro.


In the 1990s, when fire brigades demanded lights for use in hazadous locations, we constructed a series of industrial lights that met these requirements. We started to build lights which are Ex-approved (ATEX) and which can be attached to protective helmets. Our industrial lights are made of plastic material. Why? Because it does not corrode, is electrically nonconductive, is light and less susceptible to damage by water and thus the service life is considerably longer.

Our 2AA, 3AA and 4AA light series are used worldwide in the fire service, rescue, relief work, crafts, industry, etc.


When aluminum cases were still the standard in the industry where non-waterproof, corroding, easily dented cases were the only choice, we made one that could withstand the abuse that goes handin-hand with adventure and hard work. Since ever our cases are made of ABS. Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion are just some of the many reasons we choose to mold cases from ABS. This aggressively tough resin resists cracking in extreme cold temperatures, is field repairable and holds its shape better than any other polymer. Another great feature of ABS resin is its ability to completely block out the absorption of any biohazardous material that would otherwise penetrate the porous structure of other materials.

Over the past 40 years we have evolved from the first 309 Dry Box to becoming an industry leader with over 200 configurations to meet your needs and protect your gear.


While our technology and product line has grown tremendously, we still maintain the overarching goal of creating the most high quality gear available in the market. Our products are built to endure challenges and work perfectly every time.


If you don’t find what you are looking for, or would rather communicate directly with one of our team, please contact us.

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