Protective Cases / waterproof and airtight

Protective Cases / waterproof and airtight

At UK we understand hitting the road hard for work and play.

We need our gear to be as tireless as we are. This led us to be a pioneer in the development of highly rugged plastic resin cases when aluminum cases were the standard. Our cases were a high quality, low cost environmental solution in an industry where non-waterproof, corroding, easily dented cases were the only choice. There was no case that could withstand the abuse that goes hand in-hand with adventure and hard work.

So we made one.

Our hard protective cases and boxes are tough yet lightweight because we construct them using high-impact, field-repairable ABS resin or ligthweight Polypro resin.

Seals prevent the harmful exchange of gasses until the lid is opened and the main o-ring which makes UK cases water tight is actually made from hollow silicone rubber tubing which is chemically resistant and retains it’s shape with age. Our protective cases also feature full length hinges which improves the overall structural integrity of the case.

UltraCase and Dry Box are offered with a watertight accessory panel mounting frame that is factory installed. The panel frame is solvent welded to the inside wall of the case. One way we really go above and beyond with our case construction is by ensuring that the valances (the parting line) come together tightly. We pride ourselves on making truly waterproof cases and it starts with a tight valance.


Our largest hard shipping cases come in twelve sizes and are ideal for protecting and transporting sizable gear and sensitive electronic equipment.

They are built to withstand the most severe conditions and abuse while protecting contents.

All OVERSIZED cases are available in 2 materials: High-impact, field-repairable ABS resin or strong Polypro resin.

Transport your equipment safely – with our Cases!