Dive and Video Lights provide optimal lighting conditions under water!

you won't find a tougher line of dive lights out there. Every one we make is watertight to 100 m or 150 m and made of non-corrosive ABS resin so you can be sure it will last you decades. In fact, it is not uncommon for divers to come across a barnicle covered, lost working UK light on the ocean floor.

Aside from keeping you safe, diving with a light can greatly enhance your visual experience. The deeper you go, the darker and less colorful it gets. Carrying a light will ensure that you see all the amazing colors of our marine life.

We’ve pioneered the world of dive lights for over 30 years and continue to do so today. This is part of our lifelong commitment to promote diving and enhance the experience of divers everywhere.

If you intend to do underwater photography or videography, a bright wide beam light is a necessity to adequately light your subjects. UK’s Aqualite Pro Video light comes with an option for a 100° beam. The broad beam is perfect for wide-angle cameras and general photography and video use.

For truly spectacular underwater video, try a UV light, like UK's Aqualite UV and SL4 UV lights. These use ultraviolet light to entice many marine animals to light up in beautiful shows of color, making a spectacular effect.

Explore the submarine world – with Dive and Video Lights from UK!